Since rekindling my passion for writing, and having just a smidgen of creativity in my bones, I have been trying my hardest to see most of the new films that are hitting the cinemas – or at least the films that are hitting the cinemas in my area. Only if its appropriate though. If I really think that it is going to be terrible then it’s unlikely that I will put the effort in to see it. Plastic seemed quite promising when I first saw the trailer for it, and I was excited to see a crime-type British film come out, with some familiar faces, including Alfie Allen, who plays the character Theon from Game of Thrones – there’s obviously a GOT theme coming through with these recent reviews…I was excited to see him and Emma Rigby, who I know as Hannah from Hollyoaks, perform in a role that was unfamiliar to what I know them as. But only one half of the two actually exceeded expectations…

In terms of my enjoyment of the film, I actually enjoyed this movie a respectable amount. I don’t think that I would watch it again, but I don’t full out regret watching it. I’m kind of in two minds about how I feel about the film as a wh0le though. What ruins this film is the fact that it’s not really that believable. I believe in one of the trailers somewhere it actually says ‘based on an unbelievable true story’ – and thats exactly what it is. I am currently unable to find on the internet any evidence on the story of which this is based on, and so I will deem it as one of those films that claims that it is based on a true story, where the film consists of about 0.99999999% of the true story.

The story follows a gang of frauds who get into trouble with the wrong people. Though it has to be said, I don’t really understand how they get into trouble with this Marcel guy, who is just some mobster that rocks up and threatens them with a whole in the ground if they don’t pay him £2million in two weeks. Perhaps I managed to miss a bit, but all they technically stole from this guy was an iPad, yet he makes them pay him back that much…I probably am missing something but from what I saw, that’s enough to set this mobster off, apparently. But anyway, they have to bugger of to Miami so that they can steal money off really bloody rich people in order to pay off this guy. That’s it. Though at the same time, there is some growing tension within the group between characters Yatesey (Alfie Allen) and Sam (Ed Speelers), who is basically the leader of the gang. As I said, only one half of the two that I was hoping would be good exceed expectations, and unfortunately Allen wasn’t that half. Not to say that he isn’t good – but for me, it was just like they dragged Theon into a modern setting, which is quite a hilarious thought. But at the same time, similar with Kit Harington as Milo in Pompeii, I’m worried that these actor’s will just be cast as the same kind of characters after their roles in GOT are over. Yatesey is basically a womanizing, bitter, revenge-seeking bastard. Isn’t that what Theon is? If you are familiar with the story-line of GOT, lets just say that his fate in Plastic isn’t dissimilar to that in GOT.


My main problem with the film, as I said, was just the believability of the events that happen. They have to stage a huge fake wedding and dress up as people from a completely different ethnicity to be able to pull of the main heist of the film. Perhaps the only good aspect of this is that it stars Graham McTavish, who plays Dwalin in The Hobbit franchise. Though it has to be said, this film is also quite the comedy so a percentage of this can be taken into account when thinking about the believability of the film. But at the same time, it’s a little frustrating having to sit through a film and think ‘Pfft that wouldn’t happen’. As well as that, these kids seem kinda young, university age – where the hell are there parents? I’m not saying that my mum takes part in everyone aspect of my university life, but if I’m just about to jet off to Miami, even if it is to pull of a huge heist, then I would at least inform her of my location. Very irresponsible humans.


Emma Rigby actually did a fairly good job in my opinion. I have seen some other people absolutely slate her performance, but I think that it’s her character that actually impressed me as opposed to the acting. When you watch the trailer, you kind of think that she is going to be the typical female role, a girl amongst guys who is just a piece of eye-candy – they even include a shot of her dressed as a pole dancer, which is completely different to the reality of that scene. In fact, her character, Frankie, proves to be quite the strong-minded woman. When Yatesey’s character tries to woo her into sleeping with him, she immediately rejects for the fact that he is high on cocaine. As well as this, she has a back story of an ill family member that drives her motives – so she isn’t just about the money. As well as this, you actually see quite a nice romance brew between her and Sam, which is refreshing to watch in these kinds of films where it’s usually just some form of prostitute on each fellas arm. I had some respect for Frankie, and I would hope that some other audience members would be able to recognise her as a strong character.

All in all, yes this film is enjoyable to an extent, and it’s a little better maybe than the trailer would suggest, but its the fact that the story is just so unbelievable that lets it down, which of course is the main aspect of the movie, being a mainstream movie. I think that the story has huge plot holes throughout, that left me a little confused whilst viewing. Also, Allen’s characters is so damn annoying and screws everything up that it’s just really frustrating. Fuck that guy. Though, I will say, it was disturbing the amount of times that this film made me think about quitting uni and taking up business as a fraudster…perhaps thats another bad aspect of the film. Stay in school, kids.

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