The Amazing Spider-Man 2

When I heard that there was going to be a re-boot of the Spider-Man films so close after the Tobey Maguire ones, I was just a tiny bit outraged. Then I heard that it would star Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and I instantly perked up. Generally re-boots and remakes aren’t as good as the first ones, but every now and then, one breaks out of the mould and succeeds its predecessor. In my opinion, Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spiderman 1have done just that. For this review however, I will be focusing solely on the latter.

Considering that I absolutely adored the first film, I couldn’t wait for the second instalment to hit the cinemas. As far as I was concerned, the trailer suggested nothing other then pure epic-ness. And for me, it was just that. To be frank, I absolutely adored this film. As far as I can see, there has been a complete split in the reception of this movie, with one half of people generally thinking it was a let down and that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are the only things that made the movie worth watching, and then the other half, with my self included, thinking that it is purely fantastic. I’ll defend the second half here. This film’s epic-ness comes mostly just from the look and the sound-design. Electro is ABSOLUTELY perfect. Max Dillon is incredibly adorable and I’m a sucker for the under-dog in movies, so I was pretty much rooting for him for the entire first half of the movie. One scene of this movie that was truly perfect would be the scene of which Spider-Man and Electro have their first encounter. You still feel incredibly sympathetic towards Dillon/Electro as he has gone through an incredible change in physical state – he is scared and doesn’t understand whats going on, as anyone would be if they had miraculously been changed into the embodiment of electricity – as New York Police shoot at him continuously. With this scene, you see the build up in Electro’s anger and frustration, which is complimented whole heartedly by the music in this scene, which everyone should check out: The dubstep vibes that run throughout the movie go so well with Electro. It just works. And the sinister whispering that shows exactly what he’s thinking – totally creepy but so apt. I saw this movie twice and every time Electro’s individual music was heard, I just bubbled up with excitement. It really got me pumped! Hans Zimmer is just the master. The visual effects in this scene as well are absolutely mind-blowing. Perhaps not Gravity mind-blowing, but then again these two films are on a completely different level. They were mind blowing in the sense that for someone who is really hard to persuade into liking superhero movies, I fell for it completely and left the cinema shouting about how I wanted to be Electro in every way. I just wanted to be IN the scene. Do you understand how much I liked this scene yet? I hope so because I should probably stop talking about it and get onto the rest of the movie.

Great cast, once again. Though I perhaps can’t comment fairly on the casting of Spider-Man as I have never read a comic of any sort in my life, I just really feel that Andrew Garfield is just brilliant for this role. He puts so much emotion into it, without going over the top perhaps like Tobey Maguire did a little bit in the first trilogy. The chemistry as well between him and Emma Stone is wonderful to watch. And she’s just beautiful, isn’t she? Jamie Foxx is very quickly becoming a favourite  for me after seeing him in Django Unchained (which I only just watched the other day) and then now as Max Dillon in this. He masters the contrast between Max Dillon and Electro, in that he perfects the physical comedy of Dillon and then the embodiment of all of his supressed anger as Electro later on. One actor that proved himself for me was actually Dane Dehaan. I know a lot of people already like him if they have seen him in Chronicle, or perhaps The Place Beyond the Pines, but for me, both of these movies let down his potential of an actor. I saw great promise in him yet these movies just..sucked, quite frankly. Well at least The Place Beyond the Pines did, Chronicle not so much. But as long time best-bud Harry Osborne, Dehaan did really well. I almost felt kinda proud of him. Though I would enjoy to see him in a different kind of role as opposed to hard-done-by kid that turns into a psycopath. This is perhaps the only role that I struggle to compare to the first films with. Slight Spoiler – I so loved Willem Dafoe as The Green Goblin, but I think that Dehaan provided stiff competition as he transitions into the repulsive villain physically. In terms of the actual story of this movie, I found that there were parts that flowed better than others. I didn’t like Harry Osborne’s narrative strands as much as the others, perhaps because I found I couldn’t suspend my belief as much for his story and his condition. (though I could for a man who turns completely into electricity – logical, I know.) I loved the development of Peter and Gwen’s relationship – now being in a relationship myself, I felt far more emotionally attached to this story than I did in the first movie. I liked also how we as an audience, and for people that haven’t read the comics, are shown a little bit more of Peter’s parents, as we are left in the dark almost as much as he is in the first movie; that is developed a little bit more in this story, which I enjoyed a lot. peterandgwen If it wasn’t obvious already, I really liked this movie. I was literally speechless after seeing it. Some people may disagree completely and think that I am being over the top, but superhero movies are awesome, in the literal sense. I don’t enjoy superhero movies that much, and so to watch one that I did really like, I found it incredibly exciting. With amazing visuals, and an incredible soundtrack, this movie is a complete feast for the senses, and I would generally recommend to everyone. I just really wish I was Electro… This week I have a couple of little polls for you, just for my personal interest!


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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