Apologies Part II

Argh. Part II because I’ve been a terrible blogger in the past couple of months. 
To be honest, various things have happened, one massive thing called UNIVERSITY, which I’ve kinda had to concentrate on, for obvious reasons.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been feeling super stressed and pressured that I kind of just shut down for a while. I lost all motivation to film or write or edit any of the film that I’ve taken from the holidays that I took in the summer. It’s like everything that was creative in me just kinda vanished for the past couple of months and to be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure why. But now that I’m getting back into the swing of things and have gotten over the first couple of weeks of uni and have made some new friends, I can feel myself starting to settle down again and begin thinking about actually doing some more writing. I’m hoping that I can use this blog as a medium of getting my work out there and to try and think about my work constructively. We’re having to make a film basically every other week at the minute, with the first one done already, so I’m hoping that I will have lots of work to show you all in the very near future.

In the mean time, I will start to really discipline myself and get backing into thinking constructively about film and start by actually going to the cinema for the first time in months. It doesn’t help that there hasn’t really been anything inspiring out the entire summer apart from The World’s End and maybe Kick Ass 2, but I didn’t see that. Oh, and of course Monsters University, which I did consider writing a review on, but I didn’t think that it would be necessarily appropriate as its just obviously amazing. Luv u Pixar x. But seriously, there are some great movies out currently, Blue Jasmine, The Fifth Estate, Captain Phillips, Filth, I really don’t have a good enough excuse to be going to the cinema and writing about them. It became apparent to me the other day that I would probably have to start going to the cinema on my own, and I really don’t care about that to be honest. In fact, I’m almost excited about the concept!

My last excuse is the fact that I’m practically living in London now, with my dad and step-mum. It’s pretty easy going, but it’s going to take a while to settle down properly, so I’ve just been trying to really focus on settling down and feeling comfortable and trying to get more familiar with London.

So yes. Excuses, excuses, I apologise profusely, but these things happen! Look forward to some more reviews in the up coming weeks and some of my own work that I will be putting on here! To have a look at any work that I have previously worked on, click right here! Enjoy, and I’ll be posting within the next week…I promise….

Apologies Part II

One thought on “Apologies Part II

  1. Granny says:

    Good stuff, billsie! Of course you have to get into the swing of Uni first, and comfortable with London, which is something that I shall never be. I shall enjoy seeing all the films you will be making (especially as I was in one of yours once!)

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