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This really isn’t going to be at all like the length of some of my other posts because I don’t think my brain has the capacity to deal with it after seeing this film, and that’s a positive thing. It’s a coincidence that the main comedy persona’s of England and USA have both collaborated to create an apocalyptic film, released around about the same time, but as this is the first out of the two that I have seen, I thought it was brilliant. It is literally a parody of all apocalyptic films you can think off, and is so star studded, it makes me sick to think about how much money they must of pumped into this. But it really has paid off.

As everyone is playing themselves in the film, they are instantly already parodying themselves as well, especially Michael Cera, who, at James Franco’s house warming party, was the normally socially awkward kid who had just discovered alcohol and now, he is just a little bit too big for his boots. I can’t even begin to list all of the people that were in it at the beginning because there was just so many to take in, and I’m afraid to say…not many of them last long.

If you are thinking about seeing this, I will just warn you about the gore. I don’t know whether I’m just saying this as a fairly squeamish person but this film is SO gory in parts, but so unrealistically gory that it’s just hilarious instead, kind of like the way that Kill Bill is gory.

Really though, if you enjoy the films of Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, James Franco etc. when they are being their silliest, you will really enjoy this. It had me laughing every single minute of the film, and I thought it was brilliantly ridiculous and hilarious. I can’t even begin to take this film seriously because it just wasn’t made to be. Really fun film, that actually has a good message to it, if you’re really going to think about it, and one I highly recommend, if you’re looking for a film that simply makes you go ‘what the fuck is happening?!’.


This Is The End | In The Moment

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