R.I.P James Gandolfini

So. I was awake a 2 a.m. this morning, debating weather to watch episode 1 of series 5 of Breaking Bad, or whether it was a terrible idea because I had a film exam the next day. Just as I was about to go to sleep, I checked my Facebook to see none other than the lovely George Takei share the shocking new that James Gandolfini, the one and only Tony Soprano had died from a heart attack in Rome whilst on vacation with his son.

It’s safe to say that I didn’t sleep for a little while after hearing this news. And I’m sure it isn’t just me who is in shock. It’s just so sudden. He was only 51. Such a shame.

I just wanted to post here to show my respect. The Sopranos is still to this day such a ground breaking television series, and as soon as I started watching it, I loved it. It’s one of the main things that got me into my love of all things Mafia. 

I’m just heartbroken. He shall be missed. Rest in Peace.


R.I.P James Gandolfini

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