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Apparently, 12.30 in the morning seems to be the best times to start writing these blogs. Either way, I needed to get this one written. I was in two minds about seeing the latest Star Trek film. Half of me didn’t really give: I had never watched the TV programmes, and hadn’t seen the first one, so why would it appeal to me? The other half: BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. Oh yes. I am a girl. Therefore, it is somehow default to be in love with Benny C. I blame my sister and a best friend for their (understandably) unhealthy obsession with him. Either way, I was swayed right at the last minute and was able to see it before it stopped showing at the local cinema. And boy, was that a good decision.

It was not, I repeat, was NOT me who made this. But I’m damn glad someone did.

As I mentioned, I am speaking as a non-trekkie fan, with no past experience or knowledge of any of the characters/story-lines, so if my opinion in anyway offends or disgusts a fan then apologies in advance.

I guess the fact that I’m not a fan makes it more impressive that I thought it was an awesome film. I absolutely loved it. I’m always a bit sceptical about sci-fi movies, something about the different life forms (which just so happen to look like humans with body paint on…convenient ey?) that I don’t mix well with. But Star Trek: Into Darkness managed to win me over. The most notable aspect of the film were the special effects. My god. They were amazing. I was sat in the cinema feeling excited every time the Starship Enterprise blasted off into space, the bass-y-ness of it coming from the speakers of the cinema was just so powerful, it really did paint a picture of the force that was needed to propel this magnificent ship at an unimaginable speed through space. The amazing battles that took place also looked incredible due to effects; never was there a moment that I thought to myself that it looked TOO fake…if that makes sense. Often with special effects, it has a certain look that just takes away the believability from it but it just didn’t have that. It was fabulous! Right at the beginning, the ship lifts off out of a foreign ocean and it was truly awe-inspiring. I also have to take my hats off to whoever designed futuristic London. I wish I could live there straight away! It isn’t too ridiculous, you can see how today’s culture still remains prominent, just everything looks more slick and stylish. Like in Robots when they get nice new body parts. Oh, you haven’t watched that movie? Oh, just me then.

ALL of the performances were amazing. I’m not a big fan of Chris Pine, but he really did own this role. Or maybe his piercing blue eyes are just making me say that…And Zachary Quinto. Now, I’ve been a fan of Quinto since the days when Heroes was actually good. Sylar is possibly my favourite villain. Apart from Bane…BUT I found his role as Spock absolutely hilarious. From what I can tell of the snippets of previous Spocks, he really did deliver his blunt, informative nature so endearingly, it’s hard not to love him. And, damn, that eyebrow and ear combination is just fabulous. For some reason, I forgot that Simon Pegg was in the recent Star Treks and it was a more than pleasant surprise to see him. I adore Simon Pegg, and he was just the right amount of British familiarity and comic relief to give the film a decent amount of variety. And the last performance that, of course, I can’t leave out is Benedict Cumberbatch. What. A. Badass. His speciality of crushing heads like this mornings fried eggs was so chilling. (My sister likes to come up to me and squeeze my head and it makes me feel sick. Now, I run the risk of her doing it even more because the love of her life does it. Damn you, Benny C.) He obviously has a thing about long, black coats, which I can’t blame him for. It’s enough to make Neo jealous (yes, Neo, not Neyo.) 

‘Just relax, and let me pierce your soul with my eyes’ Chris Pine

As for the story, I thought it was captivating enough. There were a few points in the film where I was just like ‘Nah, I’m pretty sure ALL of the characters should’ve died then.’ but was also quite happy that they didn’t. Otherwise, it would be an extremely short lived film and this review would be a lot different. I was somewhat confused by the advertising because I thought that the majority of the film would be Benedict’s character, Khan tearing shit up on Earth and destroying things left, right and center. But, quite fortunately for the inhabitants of Earth, he tears shit up an incomprehensible amount of miles away. The only downside to the story is, at points, there are pointless inbetween bits, plus a shameful scantily clad shot of Alice Eve which…really was just there for eyecandy. She was good every other time though. Just…that was so pointless, it was painful. Apart from it made Kirk look like an ogling man slut.

So, to conclude. The film was so much more awesome than I thought it would be when I walked into the cinema. The look of it is awesome, the delivery of the characters are awesome and the special effects feel like they could literally blow you away. You should go an see this whilst there is still time left, to at least experience it; it will not be the same on DVD. And if you are a Benedict fan, then this film is a given. Lots of Benedict being a bad ass, and he even sheds a tear. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to deliberate whether it’s worth becoming a trekkie or not.

Until next time! – trailer.

Star Trek: Into Darkness | In The Moment

8 thoughts on “Star Trek: Into Darkness | In The Moment

  1. Sapphire Scribbles says:

    SUCH A GOOD FILM AAAAH. I actually quite liked the bit with Alice Eve, not because I’m a pervert but because I liked the fact that she didn’t act all silly and girly and then have sex with him, she was just like “What are you doing you knob, turn around.” … not in those exact words, but something similar. And the special effects are beautiful T-T

    1. yeah i agree it did make her seem like the less conventional female, but i dunno it just didnt sit right with me 😛 it was just so obvious that it was just to please the audience for me hahahaha SILLY J J ABRAMS

      1. Sapphire Scribbles says:

        Yeah hahaha, it was a bit obvious… I don’t know what I think of JJ Abrams, he comes across as someone that takes himself very seriously :’)

      2. it was like that shot of Catwoman pressing her butt right up in the tumbler bike in Dark Knight Rises…shameful 😛 and I literally know nothing about him 😐 there was an article on him in Empire but I didn’t really take the time to read it because it was all about Star Wars, because I think he’s going to try and direct the new Star Wars? Either way, I didn’t read it because Star Wars doesn’t particularly interest me. It feels to me that this is a little like our generations Star Wars..if that makes sense 😐

      3. Sapphire Scribbles says:

        Oh god that was awful, there really was no need for her to do that :L And yeah, I get what you mean – James is always nagging me to watch the Star Wars films but I still haven’t got round to it, and to be honest I just think Star Trek comes across more interesting because it seems more focused on adventure, you know?

      4. Yeah, I think I agree. Star Wars just seems completely unrealistic to me but I don’t really know, I’ve seen some of them, the effects are cool but the whole thing just seems really outdated now, Disney just seem to be milking it. It IS going to be a massive money making film though so can’t blame them really 😛

      5. Sapphire Scribbles says:

        Yeah haha, the money will be insane, but I do think Star Wars should have just been left as the original three films (though I’m only basing that on having heard that the most recently-made three films were crap) – Disney are definitely just going to milk it for all it’s worth, after George Lucas has already spent the last however long doing so :’)

      6. yeah i’ve heard they weren’t as good either. to be honest though, I’ve only seen…two? i think? something like that. Not a lot though :/ It’s just going to be by the time we are like thirty itll be like STAR WARS 32 OUT THIS SUMMER and it’s just gonna be like aaaaaaah no one cares. they’ll probably make a spin off show as well grrr

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