The Place Beyond The Pines | In The Moment

I’ve literally just come back from watching The Place Beyond The Pines, having to travel all the way to Bluewater because my local cinema isn’t playing it and after some consideration, I think I understand why. First off, I’m aware this is another Ryan Gosling film, but I really had to write about this imminently.

To start this off, I’m going to quote part of the review Empire gave for this, written Olly Richards; ‘The opening 40 minutes are a dream, and if it had carried on at that level, this might have been one of the best films of the year.’, ‘The slowly diminishing returns feel not like a movie becoming in any way bad, because it’s always so very far from being bad, but rather the gradual slipping away of something very special’. This is exactly it.

I haven’t a problem with the look of the film. The way it was filmed was awesome, and there were some fantastic tracking shots. I love my Scorsese me, so I enjoyed that. The performance of all the actors was unquestionable; they were all exceptional. Gosling’s character ‘Handsome Luke’ is nearly as awesome as Driver, in his mysterious ‘you wanna know about my past but I’m not gonna tell ya’ kinda way. And with Bradley Cooper, I’m glad that he’s beginning to take more serious roles following The Hangover Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 54,56 5467,5687, because it demonstrates his capacity to actually act seriously as opposed to be what some consider to be hilarious eye candy. I think he looks kinda like a falcon, but…that’s just me.

The problem with TPBTP (it’s easier to type that out then the whole name.) is that it is far too ambitious. It’s hard to explain why without completely ruining the film. The film is practically three films for the price of one, which, although do entwine, try too hard to make it cyclical, too complete yet leave some kind of illusive message for the audience. It ends up just being completely clichéd and shoves the point of the film down your throat. Or at least that’s what I felt. But that only really applies to the last part of the film. The first two, lets say, sections, are very well done, and provide an interesting story. But then it just carries on and on, when they should of just worked on the first two ‘sections’ and cut the last one off neatly. It became unrealistic, and rushed, and I was left feeling extremely dissatisfied.

I’m not going to strictly say you shouldn’t watch it, because obviously you should see it to form your own opinion; I provide this merely as guidance. But in my opinion, Cianfrance missed out on an opportunity to make what could of been an amazing film with characters the audience sympathised with, as opposed to just trying to provide an over ambitious narrative that ended up as unrealistic and pointless.


The Place Beyond The Pines | In The Moment

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