Greetings, internet.

Well, hello there, internet. How nice it is to see you!
I know we are rather familiar already, but I feel I am just about ready to take our relationship to the next stage.
Are you ready?

My passion for film has become apparent over the last couple of years or so, as the pressure to decide a uni course started to heat up. I used to partake in casual photography, but after kidding myself that that was the right career path for me, it became too tiring to keep up this ridiculous facade that this was the career I was destined for. There was just something missing from it. It wasn’t meaty enough for me.

I’d made comic videos for personal entertainment before, editing a wind-up figurine of an elderly woman named Dorothy and creating weird stories about the people that she meets whilst walking along the table in my living room. I would often edit videos taken at parties together for my friends to watch, to capture the general atmosphere of the night, and to relive some hilarious moments. There was something about the somewhat meticulous process of watching a video countless times in a row and picking out the most appealing parts and sticking it onto other pre-picked out appealing parts of videos, that had such an appeal to me, which, at first, I couldn’t quite understand. I would much rather sit and edit any old videos that I could find on my computer to condense a days, weeks, months worth of memories into three minute long home movies. Though…these were never for anyone but for myself. It was only when I started planning and creating serious short films and music videos for an audience that I began to think that those wasted hours editing, what was generally incoherent nonsense, may have resulted in a goal, an aspiration…dare I say, dream?

Since studying film more as an art form as opposed to regarding it simply as a form of entertainment, my interest for film grew, to the point where people were asking me, ‘Billie, do you ever do any work or do you just watch films?’, to which I’d think to myself ‘Well, pal, this IS my work…I think.’. You could say it has taken the fun out of watching films for recreational purposes, but some films can be so deep in their themes and values, be so aesthetically wonderful, let alone have a fantastic and involving narrative, that sometimes I’m left leaving the cinema thinking ‘Gracious. I think I’m meant to be a part of that.’ I’ll be honest, I was an emotional wreck after the BAFTAs this year, out of pure adoration for film, and this celebration of it. Or maybe perhaps, it was out of my profound love for Kevin Spacey and how I didn’t realise he would be presenting an award so was very happy to see him there after not hearing anything about him for a long long time apart from seeing him tweet pictures of him in a safari park which I favourited and retweeted and cherished…It may have been that.

And so, I hope, the rest is history.
I will use this blog to channel my love for film, in the form of exploration personal favourites. trivial film knowledge, reviewing new features, and showcasing some of my own stuff, which I hope will encourage my fellow peers and fellow interwebbing peoples to take an active interest in what we know as film.

Until next time!

Greetings, internet.

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